Monster was one of the many new business pitches I've helped win. I love new business. I love winning. As for Monster, I have a special affection for a lot of the "smaller" things we did -- the flyers handed out at job fairs and the ads in trade publications. Of course, i think we did great TV, too. We took advantage of every opportunity which is what Monster is all about. With creatives Scott Schindler, George Decker and Morgan Carroll.




This spot portrays the power of bringing people together with Monster. I found a great track called "I Dig You" -- reported to be Robert Smith of The Cure and his mailman. Very groovy.



This campaign would be even more powerful now than when it was made. It features "job interviews" with potential candidates. They tell us their skills, objectives hopes and dreams. We met hundreds of amazing people and filmed about 20 of them. Very powerful campaign and experience for the agency. George cried in the editing room.


MONSTER IN ACTION. We placed the "announcement" and then had our "employee" paint his own billboard. Meta city. We managed to get an actual billboard painter out on the billboard for 3 days. Fought hard to make it happen. 




My first business card.

We were asked to design flyers to be handed out at a college job fair. We decided to hand out business cards with inspiring messages. 


Small idea.

Another brief asking for a "flyer" at a job fair. We came up with a great idea to hand out a flyer in the shape, size and design of a classified ad because newspapers were Monster's main competition. It turned out to be a production nightmare. Carlos Fernandez offered to hand-cut 200,000 of these by himself. He didn't have to. But he would have. 


RESUMES. Not all resumes come on paper. Beautiful print campaign for Monster's "hourly and skilled" job section. 


Monster Case Study.

We did a lot of great work for Monster and it worked. 40% sales increase, 3mm more unique visitors than competitors and 600% increase in resumes posted.