The Mitchum Man. This campaign said Mitchum understands men and will always be there for them. We "roadblocked" men's lives. From golfers to football fans to gear heads. From TV to web to print to urinal posters. With George Decker, James Baldi, Morgan Carroll and Jeremy Pippinger. 



Are you a Mitchum Man? Prove it. Mitchum Man website in action.


Short but powerful. We did over twenty :15s written specifically for the programming. Seinfeld reruns. Home improvement shows. Fishing. Late night. All type and stock footage. Music is "I Woke Up This Mornin'' by The Mooney Suzuki. Half the writers in the creative department got to write a spot so that was cool, too.

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The urinal is the message. Golf cart signage. Posters in gyms. Men's rooms. That's roadblocking men's lives.


Case Study. 
It worked.